I developed a different way of working and creating, where each piece is unique, full of sweat, joy and effort, turning a simple piece of wood into a part of me.


4 main Ayma shapes:


60 X 17.2 X 1.8 cm

Peix is one of the most esthetic boards you can ride. It is inspired by a classic surfboard shape.

The name Peix mean Fish, in catalan.


60 X 16.2 X 1.8 cm

Diamant shape is aggressive, and fast. The pin tail makes it perfect for crowded city downhills.

Diamant meansDiamond in Catalan, in case you didn't get it.


60 X 16.2 x 1.8 cm

This board has a flat butt... But it´s still really sexy. Ideal for urban use.

Culpla means Flat ass, in catalan.

bLUNI Extend

67 X 16.2 X 1.8 cm

Bluni Extend is inspired by one of the most classic skateboard shapes. This board is a bit longer and has extra tail. It´s perfect for daily use.

Bluni is my cat's name. Imagine this shape, but grey and hairy. Yes, that´s Bluni.